Golf, Cultural and

Culinary Experiences, all in one vacation



ITALY DREAM GOLF is a BOUTIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE that will give you the chance to explore Italy with a native and play golf with an Olympian. Giulia Sergas, the author of this idea wants to share with you her great passions: Golf and Italy...

Giulia Sergas

I was born in Italy in 1979 and I have been playing golf all my life. I have travelled the world competing and now that I have retired, I want to help people EXPERIENCE a new way of traveling around Italy...

golf course


ITALY DREAM GOLF delivers a dream to you. Your vacation will become a life time experience because we focus on three things that cannot be bought or sold...



When people travel to Italy they usually squeeze all the main cities into just one visit: Rome, Florence and Venice. I have always felt that traveling across Italy in such a way is not the best idea. These are magnificent places but trying to see them all in such a short time would mean to miss the magic that my country has to offer. We Italians take things slowly because we want to feel all that we experience and we want to be in touch with what we see. We know that to create something beautiful and unique, like a home cooked meal or a poem, takes time and what we want to create with you is a life time memory. Our promise is that you won't just take a glimpse of what Italy is, but you will experience it in your heart.

This is the reason why we decided that our itineraries would focus on just one Region at the time. Each region has a main city like Venice, Florence, Milan or Rome. We like to start from one of them and then discover what's around them. What will really amaze you is what awaits you just a few kilometers away: all the authentic family-owned restaurants and luxury boutique hotels that no tourists can find on their own, all the beautiful churches, museums and wine cellars where probably no one speaks English, but their welcoming smile will make you feel right at home.

This is the Italy we love and want to share with you and that is why we call it a DREAM! 

Our vacations are not intended just for golfers... 

if you do not want to play golf one day, or you do not play golf at all, we offer a daily cultural program. 

Giulia Sergas

Italy Dream Golf is a vacation for ALL LEVELS of golfers. Playing with an Olympian simply means that you will discover so much more than just PLAYING GOLF. Giulia's stories, her passion, her commitment to the game makes it so much more fun, especially for those who just started playing! 

Borghetto dei Mulini


Our itineraries provide a daily cultural program because we know that not everyone will want to play golf every day. Our Cultural Assistant is an energetic, charming, passionate and yet very competent man. He will take you places no one has ever heard of...

eating together

You will taste the real flavors of Italy in "out of the way" restaurants. ITALY DREAM GOLF offers a true Italian dining experience because these family-owned restaurants are places that no tourists can find on their own...