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Italy is a small Country but offer so many different itineraries.

If you like to travel during the winter time, maybe for your Christmas vacation and you like to practice winter sports, the Alps are the best destination. The Dolomiti are well known for their colors and beautiful shapes. Cortina is the “Queen of the Dolomiti” and probably the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world.

If I was coming for the first time to ski in Europe, I would defiantly choose to start my journey in Cortina, which is located north of Venice. I would then travel to Val Badia and at last all the way to Austria. It is an easy and relatively short drive considering that you would visit two Countries and experience different cultures, different natural surroundings, food and skiing conditions.

The West side of the Italian Alps are different but as unique. The Peaks are still rocky and the slopes can be very steep. The Winter Olympic Games were hosted near Turin and since then the area bcame very attractive for all level of skier and snowboarder. The color of the rocks is darker then the Dolomiti and you won't enjoy that stunning pink color during sunset. The food will be very different even if the chefs will still cook with the same mountain ingredients.

Another idea to spend a special Christmas in Italy is to visit Rome or Florence and the drive a very short distance to the Appennini. The Appennini are not as beautiful and majestic as the Alps, but a perfect solution for a weekend on the slopes after a cultural visit.

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